(China Project) Dujiangyan Huaxun Social Work Service Centers

Service Objectives

Dujiangyan Huaxun Social Work Service Centers at Yijiequ and Zijingchengqu, target at supporting new rebuilt communities and providing emotional reconciliation, have helped 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake survivors since June 2012. Two years has passed, survivors face different challenges. They become singleton elderly, families’ members with disabilities, families that are unemployed, single parents, families living in poverty, etc.

Service Contents

Huaxun cares and comforts the disadvantaged in the communities by organising a series of activities for them. Huaxun encourages people in the communities to pass on positive energy in life to rebuild new communities in harmony.

In the future, Huaxun will focus on poverty relief for disadvantaged in remote areas near Dujiangyan, Sichuan by launching Love Your Neighbour – Poverty Relief Scheme and Caring Package Warehouse. They aim at serving families living in poverty, children left behind, social withdrawals, singleton elderly and victims affected by natural disasters. The Scheme would recruit volunteers to deliver care packages – packed with emergency relief items, such as food, clothing and necessities – to the hands of disadvantaged in remote areas. We believe “care” can literally feed, clothe and help others. Huaxun directs the Poverty Relief Scheme to reach more people in desperate need.

Activity Highlights

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