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Service Objectives

The Methodist Study Trust Wong Tai Sin Education Centre is managed by Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service, and aims to provide high-quality and specialized training courses for individuals with special needs or physical disabilities who reside in the district.  The Centre provides full-time day training programmes that focus on daily and practical life skills training for English-speaking young adults with special needs. Moreover, the Centre launched an adult education programme to provide educational and occupational skills training for individuals with physical disabilities. To empower people with special needs or physical disabilities to reach their potential and unite the community to include, understand and accept the individual differences.

Service Contents

YES – Youth Empowerment Service

To address the service needs of English-speaking individuals with special needs, the programme of Youth Empowerment Service was established in April 2014. The structure of the YES programme is designed based on the UK’s EQUALS Moving On Programme to provide full-time training activities to our service users. To enhance the independence and basic life skills of our service users with six key elements, which include “Life Skills”, “Vocational Studies and Experience”, “Functional Learning”, “Self-expression & Self-determination”, “Relationships & Social Integration” and “Transition Planning”.


Through training in a community setting, we focus on assisting our trainees to learn and acquire essential skills in daily life. We establish a friendly and safe environment to allow our trainees to interact and communicate with each other to make friends and practice their learned skills together. For details, you can refer to our website.




In view of the service needs, another branch programme CONNECT was launched in September 2017 as a life and career planning programme for young adults with mild special needs. The CONNECT programme integrates theories from counseling psychology and whole person development training for life. The programme aims to help young adults build up self-confidence and reach their potential by discovering their own strengths, capability and values through exploration, autonomy development, goal setting and management. They participate in interpersonal and social skills training, short vocational courses, and regular supported work placement provided by strategic partners, as to identify the business trends and career choices.

The CONNECT programme provides full-time training activities to our service users to prepare the young adults for successful and satisfying work experience. Equipping them with essential skills they need to participate in and to serve the community, and support them to take the first step of paving career paths. For details, you can refer to our website.

Service Target

YES – Youth Empowerment Service

  • Native English-speaking
  • Special Education needs (diagnosed with mild to moderate grade of intellectual disabilities)
  • Age from 16 to 30
  • Possess basic self-care skills
  • Enjoy small group learning



  • Native English-speaking
  • Mild Special Education Needs
  • Age from 16 to 30
  • With the ability to travel independently, mange money and time
  • Interested in further study or looking for future career direction after graduation


For the admission process, you can refer to our website

Please contact us for application inquiries.  All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

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Tel: 2351 7393

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