Tin Shui Wai Family Education and Support Centre

Service Objectives

To help provide a comfortable environment for families in the Tin Shui Wai district, we have used ‘growth and development’ as our theme to organize different types of family support activities to encourage families make good use of community resources to promote the development of both physical and mental health as well as harmonious family relationships, thereby helping to establish a caring and inclusive environment in our community.

Promote self-awareness and problem solving abilities of service users and their family members; emphasize participation to build harmonious family relationships, and initiate the mutual help spirit among neighbours; build mutual help and concern in the community, and help the unemployed or underemployed to acquire work skills training and improve their self-confidence and abilities.

Service Contents

Service Description 1

  1. Integrated Employment Assistance Programmes provide employment counselling service for unemployed and low-income persons, e.g. work skills training, develop employer network, and improve the ability to become financially independent.
  2. Employees Retraining Courses: Organize Foundation Certificate in Junior Beautician Training, Foundation Certificate in Cosmetician Assistant Training and Foundation Certificate in Nail Technician Training for the persons who are aged 15 or above, no schoolings/unemployed and interested in working in beauty industry.

Service Description 2

Supportive Service for Special Education Needs Children and Their Families:

  1. Project sponsored by the Community Chest – Autism Express: Provide Autistic Spectrum Disorders children who aged 2 -6 and their families with Early Parent-mediated Intervention for Children with Autism (EPICA) Course, Speech Therapy, Parent Talks, Parents Cheer-up Gatherings, Parents Resources Centre
  2. Training Subsidy Programme for Children on the Waiting List for Subvented Pre-school Rehabilitation Services (TSP) by the Social Welfare Department: Provide special education needs children with individual trainings, speech therapeutic trainings and groups, social skills trainings.
  3. Other Supportive Service: Intensive trainings, play groups, parents mutual support groups, music/art therapy, family activities and outings, etc.

Service Description 3

Family life education:

  1. Organize family life education activities by social workers, e.g. parenting activities, talks, workshops, to encourage families with different backgrounds to participate and to promote harmonious family relationships.
  2. Organize different types of parent education activities to improve parenting skills and quality.
  3. Organize other activities including women’s volunteer group, parent groups, training for management of emotions and parental effectiveness.

Service Description 4

Organize activities and training for children, youth, and parents, including parenting courses and activities:

  1. Maintain a comprehensive approach to assess needs and organize a variety of interest classes and courses.
  2. Organize different small groups and activities based on interests and needs of different target groups, e.g. management of emotions, building resilience, interpersonal communication, etc. to help promote holistic growth.

Service Description 5

School Social Work Service:

Social workers provide students and their families with counseling service and referrals, parent education and support, trainings for teachers, etc.

Service Target


Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 09:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed

Contact Us

Address: Rm 604, 6/F, Ancillary Facilities Block, Tin Chak Estate, Tin Shui Wai, New Territories

Tel: 3147 9277

Fax: 3147 9270

Email: tswfesc@yang.org.hk


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